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Vidi Vici Makeup Styler Review and Swatches

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The Vidi Vici Makeup Styler - 04 Groovy Styler

I've been really interested in this brand ever since I purchased my first item (the Makeup Styler) at the Vidi Vici Counter in Lane Crawford, Hong Kong. I don't understand why but they have a particularly messy counter compared to the rest of the brands in LC. Dodgy counters are not attractive but my mind was already made up to purchase something from this brand after watching the YouTube videos of the lovely Queenie Chan from BeautyQQ (check out her channel!). She demonstrated some other products from Vidi Vici that I would like to try in the future. I've always wanted skin like hers and anything that she uses is an easy sell for me!

I don't know too much about this brand but I do know that it was created by a Korean make-up artist Lee Kyung Min. It's definitely considered one of the higher end cosmetic brands in Korea as it is reflected in the superb quality of the products. This Makeup Styler is one of the most popular products of Vidi Vici along with the Small Face Case and I have heard that their powders are very good quality as well. I didn't purchase the small face case just cause' I'm not very into powders unless they are very moisturizing...


This kaleidoscope packaging makes it a really interesting item and definitely attracts buyers. Chrome colored with a flap top along with three layers of colors that could be swiveled out makes it a great traveling companion. The flap top closes very nicely as I suspect that there should be a spring clasp of some sort inside that holds it in place (excuse me for my lack of engineering knowledge). This makes its feel a lot more luxurious than something that simply locks with a click. Although it is plastic, it doesn't feel very cheap because it's not too light. I don't know too many other brands that have this design other than Le Metier de Beaute so this is definitely very special.

 Living in a Hong Kong, time is of essence and I needed a palette that was compact enough for me to bring to work and also enabled me to use my fingers to apply on the MTR in the morning. Of course, there are a lot of palettes out there that are designed just for that purpose like the Bobbi Brown's customizable palettes, but none of them were ever really perfect or me. When I'm in a rush, I don't spend time using brushes to do my makeup so cream based colours are ideal for that reason as well as for my dehydrated, sensitive skin.

1st Layer - Metal Bronze Cream Eyeshadow

The top metal bronze color is extremely shimmery, a perfect color for everyday use and looks good as a single color on the eyelid. Even though it's a cream based shadow, it lasts for at least 6 hours without an eyeshadow base. Quite impressive as I have very oily eyelids and most cream shadows crease in about two or three hours except for Bobbi Brown's. However, BB's shimmery cream eyeshadows don't look shimmery on my eyes, the glitter just looks like specs of dirt or peeling skin (anybody else have that problem?!).

2nd Layer - Pearl Cream Highlighter

The second layer is a white cream color with pink undertones. It has no glitter, just a shimmery effect. I think this is meant to be used as a highlighter since its softer and easier to blend than the top metal bronze color. With the extra creamy consistency, it is very to blend and it doesn't feel sticky at the same time. I must say, I love highlighters and this is definitely one of the best ones I've used so far.

3rd Layer - Coral Cream Blush

Coral colors are pretty much my favorite blush colors of all times so this is perfect for me to use everyday. There are many tones of coral colors and everybody describes them differently. This one is more on the pink side and is suitable for most skin tones. I'm an NC15 - to NC20 and this looks very natural on my skin as compared to the Nars Orgasm blush that is a bit too dark for me. This color will give any skin tone an instant youthful glow. The consistency is the same as the pearl highlighter, soft enough to blend easily without rubbing off the foundation underneath. As with all cream blushes though, you still need to use a light hand with a dabbing motion for application. If you don't want that dewy glow or you want it to last longer then you could add a similar powder blush colour on top to set it.

Note* - Both the coral and pearl color could be used on the eye as well as the face if you wish; however, since the consistency is softer and creamier than the metal bronze cream eyeshadow, it may not stay on as well without creasing.

4th Layer - Pink Lipgloss

This strawberry pink lipgloss has tiny gold sparkles in it but the color is quite sheer on the lips. I have naturally very red lips so this color is very close to my lip color, but better! I do wish the color could be a bit more opaque like the Nars Chelsea Girls lip lacquer. This lipgloss isn't as spectacular as the other layers but it definitely completes the look and this very compatible everyday palette.

From Left: Metal Bronze Cream Eyeshadow, Cream Highlighter, Coral Cream Blush, Pink Lipgloss

Final Thoughts...
I don't remember the exact price but I think I purchased it for around 700 something HKD. It's definitely very pricey but it remains to be one of my favorite items in my makeup drawer right now. These cream formulations are by far the best ones I've used so far, they aren't sticky but are still long lasting.

Consider Buying If You...
- have normal to dry skin and want to achieve a dewy glow
- have a dull complexion and need something to brighten your look
- have wrinkles or starting to (cream bases make wrinkles less noticeable)
- like cream textures
- use earth tones as everyday colors
- are looking for this exact combination of colors
- want a palette that is suitable for both daytime and nighttime

Don't Consider Buying If You...
- have oily / acne prone skin (anything that is dewy and shimmery could enhance the look of the bumps)
- do not not fancy cream textures
- don't like these colors

All in all I do think this is an absolutely fantastic palette. Vidi Vici also has a customizable palette in the same kaleidoscope design. If you like the design but don't fancy cream bases or these colours, you could opt to choose other colours in pressed powder form.

Hope you like my review and I'd love your feedback if you've tried this product before!

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