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Burberry Cosmetics - Eyeshadows and Lipsticks Review

I was never really a Burberry fan but I have to say, their cosmetics line is awesome. Not only does the style reflect the overall Burberry look, it is also very very good quality. What I mean is that it is by far the highest quality high-end cosmetic brand available in Hong Kong.

Let's go into the packaging first...

Sheer Eyeshadow Cases with Velvet Pouch
The whole line sports a very sleek, Burberry-checked chrome coloured packaging that closes with a magnetic clasp. Something I have to mention is that its really heavy compared to products from other brands such as Chanel and Dior. This is what I mean by lux! Honestly, I never thought Chanel had good packaging as it's quite outdated and boring. I just think that they have a lot of room for improvement in that area. Compared to Burberry, they are definitely way behind. Don't get me wrong, I am definitely a Chanel fan (way more than Burberry) but I've never been fully satisfied with their cosmetics. Although Dolce and Gabbana cosmetics is not available in Hong Kong yet, I believe their packaging should be ok and I also have really high hopes for the Tom Ford line coming soon!

Lip Cover and Lip Mist

The packaging for the lipcolours are also worth mentioning. It has built-in magnets that pulls the cover in place no matter which angle you slip the cover on. Super unique and fun, I know a lot of people like playing with it!

Multi-purpose Brush with Velvet Pouch

I also purchased a multi purpose brush...I don't remember the exact name but this is what it looks like.
You could use it for both blush and all over powder application. It's quite soft and dense but not as dense as kabuki brushes. The size is perfect for the cheeks and contouring. It also comes with a velvet pouch that makes it great for travelling. I wouldn't say that it's a must-buy because you could easily get retractable kabuki brushes at any drugstore or SaSa store. The only reason why I got it was because I wanted to buy over a certain amount to get a free gift =P --> take a look at these mini lipsticks!

From Left: Mini Lip Cover in Cameo Pink and Rosewood

From Left: Normal Size Lipstick and Mini Collectible Lipstick

Most brands rarely give gifts with purchases that are this cute and high quality these days so I had to get it. I'm not going to swatch these as I want to collect them but don't worry, these colours are available in their permanent collection!

Lipstick Colors and Textures

I bought one color from each of the lipstick textures that they offer. The dusty rose color is the Lip Cover in Delicate Rose No.22. This texture is really creamy and soft, similar to the Rouge G de Guerlain. They are highly moisturizing and also covers the lip lines quite well. The color is very opaque and stays true to color. I really love this color because I think it's great for both summer and winter.
From Left: Lip Cover in Delicate Rose No. 22 and Lip Mist in Copper No. 202

The second color I purchased is the Lip Mist Copper No. 202. I was originally looking for a cappuccino color but the sales talked me into trying this copper color that is sheerer and has a bit more shine to it. This color is more of a fall color for me since I'm quite fair skinned. Right now, I'm not a big fan of this color but I may grow to like it in the winter time...who knows? It's not an ugly color but just not my regular cup of tea. My advice is, never listen to color recommendations from the sales unless you are absolutely clueless!

Eyeshadow Colors and Textures

I'm a crazy neutral color maniac so the Burberry colors are perfect for me. Both the Gold Trench No. 04 and the Pearl Grey No. 17 are their signature colors and both of them are gorgeous. Slightly shimmery and not overly matte. The textures are very soft and they feel really moisturizing. The particles are really fine and smoothes the eye without accentuating fine lines. Upon application, they don't make the eyes look dry, a problem that I've been encountering with Nars and Chanel eyeshadows. The other color I got was Porcelain No. 03, which is a goldish nude shimmer. It's great to pair with the Pearl Grey and the Gold Trench or used as a highlight for the inner corner of the eyes. All the eyeshadows are very sheer but buildable.
From Left: Porcelain No. 03, Gold Trench No. 04 and Pearl Grey No. 17

Final Thoughts....

This is a great cosmetic line if you love neutrals but I think at times it could be a bit boring for me. Although I wear neutral colors most of the time, I also like using more vibrant colors on special occasions. Therefore, as a makeup brand, it isn't as dynamic as Dior, Giorgio Armani, Chanel etc...just like their clothes, it's very classic but not very innovative at times...

Hopefully they'll come out with more interesting products soon!

Visit the Burberry website for more product info: www.burberry.com

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